Local Github Actions are a Pain

Committed on 29th Nov, 2021

Github actions have a 'local' option with plenty of potential. This post illustrates how I added them to a monorepo

Paginating /blog

Committed on 12th Feb, 2021

Paginating my /blog. It's great how easily you can do this in Gatsby - as long as you understand the nuances with Fragments and gatsby-node.js

AI For Dummies - Specifically Me

Committed on 6th Feb, 2021

Some of the things that we can do with AI is awesome, and scary. I have 0 experience with AI; I'll document everything as I learn as I go!

Phone a Friend - Easy Chatting with Peer.js

Committed on 26th Jan, 2021

I used WebRTC to develop a small, distributed alternative to Zoom (for two participants). This app uses Peer.js and will let a user call another, share video and their screens.

Local Netlify Serverless Development

Committed on 4th Jan, 2021

How to locally develop netlify serverless functions - with Gatsby!

Calorie Calculator

Committed on 3rd Jan, 2021

I'm trying to lose weight and retain muscle - I made this calculator to help me, and you.

Spotify Most Listened

Committed on 2nd Jan, 2021

A quick SPA to show you your most listened to tracks on spotify, short and long term

New Site, Who This?

Committed on 2nd Jan, 2020

I built this web sight all by myself. Welcome!