🐙 Extending Your Github Actions for a Monorepo

Committed on 29th Nov, 2021

Github actions have a 'local' option with plenty of potential. This post illustrates how I added them to a monorepo

📚 How to Paginate in Gatsby

Committed on 12th Feb, 2021

Too much content! Gatsby doesn't easily let you paginate given it's build process, but you can hack it out with the right pointers

🧠 AI is Cool - How Do I Use it?

Committed on 6th Feb, 2021

Some of the things that we can do with AI is awesome, and scary. I had 0 experience with AI - let's figure it out together.

📞 Phone a Friend - Building Zoom in less than 100 LoC

Committed on 26th Jan, 2021

I used WebRTC (Peer.js) to develop a small, distributed alternative to Zoom (for two participants). We can call, video chat and share screens.

🧙‍♂️ Netlify DevEx is Seriously Underrated: Local Serverless Development

Committed on 4th Jan, 2021

How to locally develop netlify serverless functions - with Gatsby!

💻🍕 Hack Your Weight - How You Can Lose Weight Via Pizza

Committed on 3rd Jan, 2021

You can game the system: Measure how much fuel you need in a day and stick to that.

🎸 Spotify Wrapped, but Whenever

Committed on 2nd Jan, 2021

Hacking together my own Spotify Wrapped via their APIs. I love OAuth - the implicit grant lets you throw something together pretty quickly.

🧐 New Site, Who This?

Committed on 2nd Jan, 2020

I built this web sight all by myself. Welcome!