💻🍕 Hack Your Weight - How You Can Lose Weight Via Pizza

Committed on 3rd Jan, 2021

You can game the system: Measure how much fuel you need in a day and stick to that.

🎸 Spotify Wrapped, but Whenever

Committed on 2nd Jan, 2021

Hacking together my own Spotify Wrapped via their APIs. I love OAuth - the implicit grant lets you throw something together pretty quickly.

🧐 New Site, Who This?

Committed on 2nd Jan, 2020

I built this web sight all by myself. Welcome!

Basic Memory Management in Node: Advent of Code Day 3

Committed on 23rd Dec, 2019

I wrote a node program that took >100GB of memory. It didn't even use Electron.


Committed on 6th Dec, 2019

I went offline. Unplugged. Ghosted. It was a terrible experience and I'd totally do it again.